Elastic-ci AMI based on Amazon linux 2 - GLIBC_2.27 missing

Hi Team,

We ran into an issue today where we upgrade our node repositories to node 18 LTS, which requires GLIBC_2.27 but it seems Amazon linux 2 does not support GLIBC_2.27.

We are currently using the AMI ami-037cc66b7b94d90aa published on 25/07/2023.

I see there is a new AMI available ap-southeast-2 : linuxamd64: ami-010a8b81a91b4f3ad
Is the issue fixed in the latest AMI ?
Or what could be other fixes that we can implement, as buildkite docs recommends to use base image support by buildkite for elastic-ci

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


I just checked, the latest release of Buildkite elastic-ci is based on amazon linux 2023

May be this would solve the GLIBC issue.
Will update here on our progress.


Hi @surajthakur,

Would using docker be an option for you? This way you would not be dependent on AMI versions when upgrading your node repositories.


Right, but that will require coupe of changes in the deployment process. We will try the latest AMI provided by buildkite it that fixes this. OR else will try the docker setup


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The upgrade to the latest template version worked.
We have upgraded from Buildkite stack v5.20.0 to Buildkite stack v6.3.0.
There were minor changes in the parameter key’s which gave us issues initially for the upgrade, but when identified, we updated our parameters and it upgrade was fine.
The latest linux AMI works fine with node 18


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