Bitbucket webhook - PR branch name


I have a bitbucket webhook that fires on PR creation. Webhook repo is different from the repo connected with buildkite.

Is it possible to get the branch name where the PR is fired?

Thank you


Hey @zhex900! I don’t quite understand. Could you provide a few more details as to how you’ve got Bitbucket configured with Buildkite exactly? And which repo’s you’re referring to exactly? I’m assuming you’re using the setup described here:

Feel free to forward the exact details through to and we can help you in private.

Hi Tim,

Thank you for your response. I have already worked a solution for my use case. Basically, I am use buildkite to spin up a test environment and run auto test on it. I use bitbucket pipeline to invoke the buildkite api to a create build to run the auto test.


That’s great to hear! :+1:t3: