Branch-name for pull requests

I’m using buildkite to build pull-requests but I’m confused about one behaviour I see: When I first submit a PR the request name is:


but if it fails and I restart the build it appears as:


How do I get a consistent behaviour so I can properly set the branch requirements in github?

Example PR ->
Pipeline (public) ->


Adding a screenshot since the other PR was already closed:

This is a real annoyance. I’d really link to know what I’m doing wrong. Thanks.

Also to correct my previous post: the behavior is that the initial PR using the /pr suffix but subsequent builds do not.

Hi @thirtytwobits! :wave:

You can make Buildkite always set the same commit statuses by going into your pipeline’s settings, into GitHub, and then changing the Separate statuses for pull requests checkbox:

We added this for folks that do different steps for builds on push versus builds from pull requests.

You might also like to check the other settings in repository builds there. We use master in the Branch Filter Pattern so that master pushes and merges are always built and deployed but other branches are only built once they get turned into pull requests and have a full pull request context, for example.


But I want to use separate statuses for pull requests. It works as expected the first time but if I push an update to the pull request a second build is created that doesn’t use the /pr suffix. It seems like a bug? Perhaps your system doesn’t recognize that the update is part of the same pull request?

Ah, that does sound like a problem. Want to email the specifics of the pipeline and builds you’re wrestling with to so we can take a look?

I started an email thread with Eleanor Kiefel Haggerty via email over the weekend since I wasn’t sure if this post got lost in the noise. I’ll continue to follow up with her.

Sorry for the delay @thirtytwobits :frowning_face: Support is always the best option if there’s a specific issue that you need help with. :+1: