Trying to use "github_commit_status" but it doesn't work :(

I’m trying to track down an issue with posting github status’s.

I have a single pipeline.yml and a single pipeline (slug pr-build). I want to be able to kick it off with an env-var which tells it which part of my monorepo to build, and I want to post back the status to github with the name of the service. (the other side of it is here: Slack)

I started following this: GitHub | Buildkite Documentation

But it doesn’t appear to work. Either I turn on Update commit statuses andI get a single status of buildkite/pr-build or I turn it off (as per the docs), put this at the top of my pipeline.yml, and I get… nothing. Other docs I can find on the site don’t mention github_commit_status at all :disappointed:

  - github_commit_status:
      context: "buildkite/pr/xxxx" <<----- I want this to be "buldkite/pr/${LAMBDA_NAME}" eventually
  - label: ":lambda: build and lint (pr)"
    branches: "!master"

Anyone got any ideas?

BTW, I either get buildkite/pr-build or nothing at all

I just had the same issue, I get an error about invalid YAML attributes for context.

My pipeline loads and runs, but nothing happens - it gets ignored :frowning: