Buildkite REST API Unable to Query New Pipeline


I’m trying to use the Buildkite REST API to query information on pipelines. My command is curl -H "Authorization: Bearer ${BUILDKITE_API}" ""

When I do this, I get the following error message:

  "message": "Not Found"

I created catherine-ios-test yesterday. I noticed the API query works if I query existing pipelines. I’ve also confirmed that my settings don’t differ from the existing pipelines.

Not sure what I’m missing here.

Hey @PurplePros

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Thanks for the message.

The issue should be with the url, particularly with either the organization, or the pipeline slug.

Can you confirm that you are subsituting “my-org” with your organization’s name. Since the pipeline catherine-ios-test exists.


Yes, I can confirm I am substituting my-org with my organization’s name.

If I take the URL and send a request for catherine-ios-test, it doesn’t work. However, if I just replace the catherine-ios-test portion of the URL with the slug of an existing pipeline, it does work.

Hey @PurplePros ,

Thanks for the follow-up.

This might be a permissions issue. Can you send us a link to, so we can compare this with the other “working” pipelines.