GIT LFS breaking pipeline

Hi hoping someone can help with this, fairly new to BuildKite.

Currently we have a pipeline that is giving the following error:
“\nThis repository is configured for Git LFS but ‘git-lfs’ was not found on your path. If you no longer wish to use Git LFS, remove this hook by deleting .git/hooks/post-checkout.\n”

I have tried to install via the

We are using this template for our setup:

Just wondering if anyone can assist, maybe point me in a direction.

Hey @gerhardussteffy!

Welcome to the community! :wave:
While it’s true that git-lfs was added in Install Git LFS by lox · Pull Request #468 · buildkite/elastic-ci-stack-for-aws · GitHub so it should be on your elastic stack version (v5.6.1), for git lfs to work you must add it to your bootstrap script

su buildkite-agent -l -c 'git lfs install'

(This command adds the necessary hooks to ~/.gitconfig.)

Otherwise, it was officially added in v5.7.0. Do you think you can try to upgrade your Elastic Stack version?


Hi Paula, thank you for the answer, it was actually previously on v5.7.0, I downgraded to make certain that was not causing an issue as a potential backtracking my steps.

I have also added the command to the bootstrap script, I did see. I saw lfs being initialised and there was still the issue.

We are not really certain why.

Hey there @gerhardussteffy!

Would you be able to send us a link to a build with this error to It would make it easier to debug and find a solution.