GitHub status check names and emojis

We recently enabled the “create a separate GitHub status check for every job” box (, which is fantastic! Able to give much faster feedback on the quick stuff, like formatting and linters.

Unfortunately we ran smack into the weirdness around emoji names that was previously reported here: We now have a bunch of status checks named stuff like “light-bulb-light-bulb-run-tests”, which are pretty ugly.

That issue was closed due to inactivity, but I wanted to re-register interest in getting it fixed. The proposal in that issue for allowing manual name specification

        context: "buildkite/%pipeline/prospector-tests"

would work perfectly for us!

Thanks @benesch! Welcome to the forum, and thanks for posting such a thorough suggestion.

This is actually in the works already, and with an API that’s actually very close to what you’ve suggested. When it’s ready for testing or release, we’ll let you know here.

Fantastic, thanks, @Tim! Looking forward to it.