Custom GitHub status name

Hi, is there a way to specify a custom GitHub status name/label for a pipeline? We’re reusing a single pipeline for various components in a monorepo that is triggered from a “main” build. Since the pipeline is reused and is for the same commit SHA, it would be nice to customize the status label on the fly through an environment variable or something. We can then declare this in the uploaded pipeline through the env key. Or better yet, a root-level github key.

For example a pipeline YML could be

Would be great to see what the example pipeline yaml looks like!

Doh not sure it got but off… something like:

status: “buildkite/my-custom-status”

Basically making “github” a top level key.

Shoutout for Use step key for github status names :) It would be nice even for simple usage when using a lot of emoji.

Hey @ngan!

We have a secret (a.k.a. undocumented) alpha feature that might provide what you’re looking for!

You can specify a build level notify key like this:

  - github_commit_status:
      context: "whats up!!!"


And it will alter the github commit status label. Interpolate with env keys as you like!

You can also change this at the step like this:

  - label: "Example Script"
    command: ""
    artifact_paths: "artifacts/*"
      queue: "default"
      - github_commit_status:
          context: "wow example script!!"

But for that to work, you’ll need to uncheck the “Update commit statuses” checkbox on your pipeline’s repository settings page.
Screen Shot 2021-02-16 at 5.29.20 PM

Hope that solves your issue! I ended up with something like this :grinning:

Yes! That’s perfect. One question: when you said you have to uncheck “Update commit statuses,” is that for either usage or just the latter case?

Unchecking “Update commit statuses” is just for the latter case!

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@Rose would it be possible to allow this notify for Trigger steps?

Sorry @ngan, notify isn’t supported yet on trigger steps. You can post about it in our feature requests category and we’ll keep track of it and let you know when it works: