Group level Github notify not updating commit status when a step fails

I have a pipeline with a group step and a github commit status notify at the group level. The status correctly shows as Pending, then Started, as the jobs kick off, but if one of the jobs fails, the status remains stuck in pending.

Simplified section of the pipeline:

  - group: "Run e2e tests"
    key: "e2e-tests"
      - github_commit_status:
          context: "$BUILDKITE_PIPELINE_NAME/e2e-tests"
      - label: "Wait for integration env to be ready"
        command: ./scripts/

      - wait

      - label: "Run e2e tests against integration env"
        command: ./scripts/
          - docker#v5.7.0:
              image: "node:20"
                - "BUILDKITE_PULL_REQUEST"
                - "BUILDKITE_COMMIT"
      - "ci-lint"
    if: "!build.pull_request.draft && != null"

I’m trying to have the commit status pass when the group passes, and fail when any step in the group fails.

Hi @shubhang this should be how it works, given the config you shared :+1:

To properly debug this, can you share the build where you’ve seen this behaviour? Feel free to email it to us instead if you want to keep it private.

I’ve provided more specifics via an email to