Group steps not parsing when running through CLI

I am running the BuildKite CLI locally to speed up testing my pipelines. I am running into a strange issue where if my pipeline contains the most simple group step, it fails with the following error:

🚨 Error: The command phase has no 'command' to execute. Provide a 'command' field in your step configuration, or define a 'command' hook in a step plug-in, your repository '.buildkite/hooks', or agent 'hooks-path'.

However, the hosted pipeline on the BuildKite website (the main use case) works fine.

Here is the pipeline.yml that is not working locally:

  - name: "Test Command Step"
    command: echo 0
  - group: "Test Group Step"
      - name: "Command 1"
        command: echo 1
      - name: "Command 2"
        command: echo 2

If I remove the group step, it works fine in both cases.

I get the error when I run the pipeline locally with bk local run. My agent version is v3.48.0. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Hi @jshapy8!

Welcome to the Buildkite Support Community! :wave:

Currently the group steps are not supported in our Buildkite CLI so the behaviour you’re seeing is as expected. However, we’ve noted this as one of the things we need to work on in the CLI and is looking at scoping the work needed in about six months time.

Will keep you posted on this one.


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