How to calculate the "group step" duration?

Currently, we are using Amazon Event Bridge to monitor all the jobs and calculate the jobs and builds duration. We want to find a way to measure the execution time of a “group step” ( Group Step | Buildkite Documentation ) For example, we group all the build steps together under the build group. Then we group all the test steps together under test group. We want to find out the “group” time.

However, inside the Amazon Event Bridge Buildkite Event, it does not have the group information. What is the best way to get the group execution time?

Hi @terence, as you’ve seen, we don’t currently expose this information in the payload or any other APIs. The good news is I’ve shared this with the product team to see if we can implement it. In the meantime, could you add a prefix to the step labels or keys and then use that value to determine the groups and then calculate the overall duration?