Inter repo pipelines?

I got this request from one of our developers at work, and I’m just trying to boil down the best way to approach it:

So I have two repositories, one public (repo A), and one private (B), both using buildkite for CI.

When a PR is opened on repo A, we would like it to trigger the build pipeline on B and report back to GitHub in the form of a status check on A.

I have already considered that I may need to make B a submodule of A and just do it that way, but I’m just wondering if there might be a better way to do this?

Hi @nrdxp!

Welcome to the community! :hugs:
We had an internal discussion and we think that using submodules would be the best way to approach this. An alternative could be with API calls. You can easily trigger builds via the API, but reporting back to GitHub as a status check is something I’m not completely sure about it :thinking:
But using submodules should work.


Thanks you :pray:
I’ll got ahead and wire it up with submodules then.

Just FYI in case anyone else comes across this. I decided not to use submodules after all, but simply cloned the repo as a pipeline step, and then overrode the BUILDKITE_REPO var with the hook mentioned in another thread.

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