Logical operators in Jobs search

Logical operators (effectively “or” I guess since “and” is already implied) on this page https://buildkite.com/organizations/$ORGANIZATION/jobs?q=state:scheduled would be nice to see how much is scheduled for overlapping pools of agents.

Effectively we have something like this, state:scheduled hostname:my-machine OR foo=bar and want it to return any job that is scheduled for either hostname=my-machine OR foo=bar.

I don’t think there’d be that much utility in this feature and opening two windows and doing the intersection mentally is more or less doable, but would be nice.

As an aside, I don’t see this documented anywhere? If this already exists, maybe link to docs on that page.

Filed https://github.com/buildkite/docs/issues/1156 for the,

As an aside, I don’t see this documented anywhere?

Hi @jl-applied! :wave:

We don’t make that URL public because we are aware of some performance issues when querying by job.
At the moment we don’t have plans on adding more functionality to it (that’s why the lack of documentation), but we’ll keep this under consideration when we start improving that section.


Thanks. Fair enough. By all means resolve/close if convenient.