Long agent names cause elipsis'ing which makes it more difficult to see which agent a job runs on


We have long agent names to include a git sha1, unix timestamp and some other information that’s important for us to know there.

There’s some length-detection going on that … s them away; this makes it harder to know which agent a job is running on. One has to go dig in the timeline tab.

Would it be possible to improve this by one/some of:

  • not using the … (we have wide monitors and we also have the responsive-layout feature-toggle turned on cc @keithpitt)
  • if the length-detection and trimming is kept, put the full name into hover-text/tooltip
  • if the job is expanded, make the agent name in full be somewhere inside the now-expanded job display
  • something that has much better UX than my own ideas :slight_smile:


@petemounce that’s good feedback!

I made a sneaky change that should hopefully tie you over until we can do something a little better:

I’ve added the full agent name as a title tag so it should show up when you over over the name.

Has that been rolled out? I tried hovering and didn’t get a tooltip. Chrome latest on macOS.

Yeah - it’s been shipped. I just tested Chrome on macOS and works for me.

You need to hover over the actual letters and leave the cursor there for a good 3 seconds or so. It’s pretty clunky…

Got it, thanks!