Main/master builds search option

I may have missed it but just wondering if there is a way to search the builds on the main build.

Example is we have multiple builds happening in the same repo and we may want to find one that happened around the start of the month and has specific message words.

Is this possible?

Hey @Pips welcome to the forum :tada:

Unfortunately we only support searching builds on branch, state or commit by appending those as query arguments to the builds page.

Eg:<pipeline slug>/builds?state=failed

So if you know the commit you are looking for at the time that could help. Otherwise you can paginate through the builds to find the date range you need

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Thanks for the reply, do you know if this is something that might be available in the future?

We have a pipeline that contains multiple different builds scheduled at different times so would it be better to separate these into their own pipelines to make finding things easier?

Hey @Pips

It is something that might get looked at in the future, but as a way around it for now I might suggest you look at Triggering Notifications | Buildkite Documentation which would allow you to send notifications to an external service (Slack, email, etc) That might be able to help you find things a bit easier?