New Agent Release v3.23.0

v3.23.0 of the Buildkite Agent has been released :tada:

v3.23.0 (2020-09-04)



  • Stop building i386 for darwin after 14 years of amd64 Mac hardware #1238 (pda)
  • Updated to v2 - this is the CLI framework we use for agent commands. #1233 (yob) #1250 (yob)
  • Send the reported system and machine names when fetching latest release #1240 (ticky)
  • Bump build environment from go 1.14.2 to 1.14.7 #1235 (yob) #1262 (yob)
  • Update aws-sdk-go to 1.32.10 #1234 (yob)



You can find upgrade instructions in the relevant installer documentation for your platform:

For a complete list of binaries, see the release notes on GitHub.