New pipeline UI makes finding blocked pipelines cumbersome


Previously pipelines would get either a green play icon for completed, or a pause icon for blocked. This made it easy to list pipelines on the main UI and quickly notice pipelines that need attention.

This morning we noticed these icons are no longer visible. I would like to request that these icons are reinstated.

Hello Tim :slightly_smiling_face:,

Thanks for reaching out!

We appreciate the feedback, I will share this with the product team


Hey Tim!

Regarding the feedback of easily getting a sense of pipeline status "at a glance", I’ve been working with the team over the past 24 hours to discuss some ideas — one of which I’d love to get your thoughts on.

Essentially we’d reintroduce the status as a feature next to the graph, which would reflect the latest build state. This would be immediately visible (i.e. before the graphs are loaded in) — so at a glance you can get a sense of what’s failing. In the longer-term we’d like to present a way to filter pipelines by the state, in addition to the current A–Z presentation.

If you'd prefer you can use a browser extension to preview the status rows in your own account, which is probably the best way to get a feel for the changes:

Would the below be useful to you?


Hey @Tim.Lehner — just wanted to give you a heads up that we just released an update that reinstates the status icon to the Pipeline Overview UI. Thanks for your feedback!