Pipeline tag length limit

I just discovered the tagging feature for pipelines, which seems very handy for categorizing our pipelines. It seems that there’s currently a limit of 20 characters for the tag name, which is quite small and is preventing us from auto-generating some tag names based on some of the pipeline properties that we have. Is there some way of increasing the tag name length limit?

To note, my main use case is to be able to use these to filter pipelines though the GraphQL API, which allows searching pipelines based on tags. I don’t really need the tags to be displayed in the UI. If there are other ways of filtering pipelines programmatically, that would also be useful.

Hi @martani-benchling!

Welcome to the community! :blush:

We considered enough setting the max length to 20 characters for tags so they could be easier to identify and read. But I’ll share your comments with our product team so they can analyze it :slight_smile:


@martani-benchling - can you share an example of a tag name you’d like to use so that we have a sense of what character length you would need?

The largest that I was planning for is service:hello-world-region-lambda, which is 33 characters - mostly to group pipelines by internal service name without having to shorten the name itself.