Scheduled build configuration in YAML pipeline configuration

Previous feature request on GitHub Scheduled build configuration in YAML pipeline configuration · Issue #259 · buildkite/feedback · GitHub

Why we need this: We have many scheduled runs with different configs. Editing/Browsing them in the web page is painful.

Hey @xxchan!

Thanks for your post and welcome to the community!

Could you provide a little more context on the use case here? That issue is a little old and sparse with regards to how folks may want to use it.


Thanks for the quick reply. I think I’ve mentioned the use case :eyes:

To be more detailed, let me share our real workload here:

We have these benchmark jobs run daily/weekly

They run under different configs according to the env vars. This isn’t very maintainable to me.

Hey @xxchan we have this available in our terraform provider. Its not yaml, but it allows a codified version of configuring schedules (and even the last comment on that GH issue is for IaC which is now available in our provider).

Would this serve your needs?