Is it possible to create schedules using code or read from some sort of pipeline schedule definition file

anyone know of a way to create pipeline schedules using code?

background: we have a number of pipelines that all run different schedule configurations. It is a pain to update these schedules via the UI.

It would be nice I could create a definition file with all of the schedules for the pipelines and have BK read this file, that way we can commit this file into the repo and only need to update and commit a single file if we needed to tweak a schedule. Does this make sense, is this even feasible?

Welcome! And good question @ryanr

You can create and manage schedules using the graphql API so you could codify something like this. Maybe you could have a step in your default branch based builds that uses the API to set the schedules if the file is modified.
You can also use our terraform module to manage pipeline schedules which is similarly automated.

But to answer your question more directly; we don’t have an official method (other than terraform) to manage pipeline schedules using code.