Slack App scheduled to be removed on October 1, 2019

On August 19th, many Slack customers received notifications that the Buildkite app was being removed. Here is the contents of the email.

We want to inform you of a change coming to the Slack App Directory that impacts your workspace, WORKSPACE_NAME.
On October 1st, we are deprecating a few apps that have been built and maintained by Slack over the past few years—including the following app that is currently installed on your workspace:
• Buildkite
This app has not been updated in some time, and as a part of our effort to verify that all apps available in the App Directory are of the highest quality, we made a decision to remove it.
We know removing an app may be disappointing, but we encourage you to browse through our App Directory for alternative solutions. If you have questions or feedback, please let us know at — we’re here to help.
The Slack Team

Please provide guidance on any actions we as users need to take should the app be removed on October 1st.

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Sorry Tom, we didn’t have any advance notice before this message went out — we were just as surprised! But rest assured we’re now in contact with Slack and are working with them to make sure there will be no interruption, and will advise if any steps are necessary to retain Buildkite Slack integration.

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Wow. That’s fairly drastic action from Slack!

@sj26, may I ask any update on this topic? Thanks.

Hey folks, sorry for the late reply to this! We did a dark launch this week of a new Slack integration. They’ve given us until January 2020 to have everyone migrated to the new app.

Here are some docs on how to get setup with the new app:

That’s awesome! Thank you @keithpitt.

Any chance the Buildkite site of the equation is configurable via the REST or GraphQL APIs?