Step key for trigger steps


Do trigger steps support the key/identifier attribute? If so, I don’t see it documented. I’ve tried it and it doesn’t return an error.

However, when fetching the build from the REST api, the step_key attribute is not on the job. Also, I can’t easily tell what the triggered pipeline was without (1) the pipeline actually being triggered and (2) parsing the triggered_build.url (which seem clunky).


All steps support key/identifier – they’re necessary for explicit dependencies, for example.

It sounds like you’ve spotted some missing values in the REST API response, though – I’ll have to take a look at those. :+1:t2:

Awesome. Thank you! For context, we’re using the step key to compare the current build to a previous one. We have a ruby library that can build out the pipeline(.yml) for upload. We’ve put business logic in there to conditionally skip certain steps based on whether certain files have been changed. However, when the PR lands on the main branch, we want to look back at the build for the parent commit and unskip anything that we are unsure of or that has failed.

Command has step_key so we can link the current step with the predecessor job. However, since Trigger jobs don’t return the key, we’ve been having to use the label (oof).

Also, wanted to bring this to your attention: