Support all Basscss colors in annotation

(Note: This really is a minor issue, but would be useful for our project)

According to buildkite-agent annotate v3 | Buildkite Documentation Buildkite annotations support Basscss colors in annotations.
It even contains a link to Basscss with an example.

However, when I use the example in an annotation, I can see that only six of the colors are actually supported (black, gray, orange, blue, red, green):

Can you please support the other colors, too?

Hey @fwe :wave:

Thanks for raising this; and hope you are well!

I believe thats a good request - would you be able to send us an example build with that example you had on imgur over to Also have an example to share in tandem but would be greatly appreciative to tie it to your specific ask/account!

Hi James,
Thank you for the swift response - I’ve just sent an email.