The annotation body must be less than 1 MB

Hi everyone, I have a pipeline that is generating lots of logs (1.7MB when downloaded), and the build is successful, but the last step of the pipeline always fails with the following error: Failed to annotate build: POST 400 The annotation body must be less than 1 MB

Do I need to trim the logs in order to make this work? Is there another solution for this? Thanks in advance.

Hey @egibert!

The limits are there mostly to protect people from themselves (and to stop our system from being abused).

Usually, when people have had a large amount of information to display, they’ve stored it in an HTML artifact and then put a brief summary + link into the annotation :slight_smile:

Another alternative, that some users do, is using this third-party Test Summary Buildkite Plugin, which has built-in support for truncation if it exceeds the limit.