UI for showing what a step is waiting on?

Hi there!

We’ve run into an issue twice today: a step of a pipeline is waiting on something - but that something isn’t there. I found a previous topic discussing that this is intended behavior - maybe the dependency will show up at some point. Fair enough!

It is quite difficult to see that this is why a step is waiting, though. I was thinking a simple UI that shows the dependencies and which have been fulfilled already and which are still outstanding might be nice?

Just a simple list in one of the tabs of a step which lists:

  • Waiting on: dependency1, dependency2, dependency3

It would make debugging these things much easier.

Welcome to the community, @Patrik! Thank you for your suggestion! At the moment, we have no plans to change this particular part of the UI, but you can check out the dag view to see the missing dependencies. To activate it, append /dag to your build’s URL - for example, https://buildkite.com/yourorganizationname/yourpipelinename/builds/114/dag. You should see something like the following:

Note that this view is not a live view, so you won’t see if a particular dependency was already met, but that will give you a clear insight into what’s happening in the build.

Thanks for your feedback!

Oh this is great! That’ll help a lot! Thank you so much!

You’re very welcome, @Patrik! Happy to help.