Waterfall view of step commands/groups?

The waterfall view is a very nice visualization of the various steps that go into a CI pipeline: Waterfall view | Buildkite Documentation

But it only visualizes steps, not the commands that these steps execute.

We can do various tricks to group the log output via Managing log output | Buildkite Documentation, but these don’t show up in the waterfall view.

And turning individual (long running) commands in a shell script into steps, just to get them into the waterfall, quickly becomes unmanageable, as you either need to transfer artifacts between steps, or ensure the steps are all executed on a persistent agent with artifacts implicitly shared.

Has there been any discussion on visualizing the things happening inside a step as well in the waterfall view (somehow)?

Hey @torarnv!

Thanks for the question and welcome to the Buildkite Forum! :wave:

Certainly a valid question - in terms of what you’d expect, I’m of the presumption its more tooltip/hover on step name that you’d like to see the actual commands that were ran as part of the resultant job? Of course, this will only apply to command jobs (group steps being a ‘wrapper’ for command, trigger and wait steps).

On the premise of a step whose command job (once ran) runs multiple commands - would you expect that to feed into a concatenated list/tooltip? More on the case when either the commands ran could get lengthy both in number or multiple arguments in the command itself, the experience might not be the greatest - and what your thought are around that experience.