Agents are hangs when pipeline is canceled by timeout

I am a devops in my company. And I had a vacation. When I returned I noticed then 3 of 4 buildkite agents are shown in agent list as busy with pipelines which are cancelled by timeout several days ago.
All those days 3 agents was imitating some activity on canceled pipelines and so were disabled for other pipelines.

In this situation agents are shown as busy but ‘My builds’ does not show any activity.

Is it a known bug ? How to workaround it ?

Hi @Dzenly! Sorry you hit that when you returned from vacation.

That’s unusual behaviour, and certainly not expected. The best way to diagnose would be to email and provide as many details as you can, such as links to the agents/builds/jobs, and the logs of the affected agents.

We’ve also just rolled out the following, which might help:

(e.g. v3.11.0 agents could get stuck in a loop not being able to accept a job: