BK web-UI high CPU usage


I’ve noticed that the BK UI consumes heaps of CPU when viewing an active build. So much so that my laptop sounds like a jet-engine if I keep a tab open to monitor a build :slight_smile:

Some details:

  • Browser is Google Chrome
  • The CPU is only high if the build is running (there are active jobs)
  • The CPU is only high if the tab is visible on screen
  • The process name as reported by OSX is “Google Chrome Helper (Renderer)”
  • This process consumes as much as 40% CPU
  • The build I’m viewing has a lot of jobs (about 50, a couple of which are group-steps with up-to 20 sub-steps)

The BK UI is in-general great! This small thing nags at me though.

Has anyone else noticed this? Do you have any suggestions to mitigate the problem?


Hey @shannon!

Thanks for your post and welcome to the Buildkite community!

Have you tested this with other browsers in order to confirm that the issue isn’t with Chrome itself? This sounds like an issue with the way components are being rendered/updated by Chrome.



Hi Ben, thanks for the lightning fast response!

Just installed Firefox (108.0.2) and the issue looks very similar. The Firefox process averages about 40% CPU while the build tab is visible. As soon as I switch to another tab so that the build tab is no longer visible, CPU drops dramatically.

Couple more details:

  • I don’t have any of the job-logs expanded / I can’t see any job output
  • Our job names include lots of emoji, each one has up-to 3 emoji (maybe a random detail but could be an unexpected use-case)

Hey @shannon!

Thanks for testing that for us. It would be helpful if you could email us at support@buildkite.com, it would allow us to look at your issue in more detail as it’s not a public forum; we can identify specific builds, processes etc.



@shannon for what it’s worth, when a process is running, my CPU usage is high until I hit a block step or the build finishes.

Thanks, will follow up with an email :slight_smile: