Clickable links for non-git source control

We’re using a plugin that overrides the checkout behaviour, and also updates the buildkite:git:commit metadata with the info relevant to our SCM (perforce). Is it possible to provide a link to click on as part of that metadata, like you do with the github integration?

Hey @donal :wave:

We appreciate the feedback in regards to supporting clickable links in metadata with preferred SCM’s like Preforce.

I’ve raised this feedback internally, but at the moment we don’t have existing plans to support non-github SCM’s.

Hey jared, thanks for the quick reply.

Is there any unsupported way it could be handled? We’ve already managed to set the metadata to override the display by faking a git commit, see perforce-buildkite-plugin/python/ at master · lightforgegames/perforce-buildkite-plugin · GitHub

This would be a nice QOL feature for us.

Hey @donal :wave:

I took a look but it doesn’t seem like you can fake/force it to generate that clickable link.

However, have you thought of using Annotations instead of trying to hack around the commit UI? With an Annotation, you could display all the relevant/useful (that you find) information for your specific Preforce builds including links with markdown.

I think that may suite your use-case a bit better since it’s more customizable.

Thanks Jared,

We are using annotations for those things now, my hope was for our scm plugin to have parity with the git integration. If this changes, could you let us know?

Hey @donal!

James here, looping in with Jared :slight_smile:

Folks here will assess that ask and shall you know: as Jared did point out, we raised this up with them on the potentially to point a clickable link in the build header for other SCMs like Perforce!

Hi @donal just chiming in from the product team here. As @james.s and @jared mentioned we do not have any plans in the near term to support it. But we’ll let you know if that changes.

Have a great day.