Clickable hyperlinks in input forms

I would love to be able to have input steps that contain clickable hyperlinks in their text.

Our use case: We often auto-generate pull requests from specific Buildkite jobs (such as in kube GitOps use cases). I would love to display the link to the auto-generated PR somewhere that makes sense to the user. Today, we post it in an annotation, but on a longer pipeline that’s potentially (visually) far away from the step that generated it. If we could generate an input step that, once clicked, could do the usual modal dialog but also contain some arbitrary text which would allow for link parsing, that’d be rad.

Alternatively, the proposal discussed here could help us out too: Allow annotations to be attached to a particular job - #2 by moensch

Hi @moensch!

Thanks for reaching out to us with the detailed use case! I will log a feature request regarding the input-step being able to display hyperlinks with our product team for them to review further.

Yeah, I think step-wise annotation is one of the most wanted features. I will pass this to our team again.