Error: No command has been provided


Hello. I’m getting an “Error: no command has been provided” and I was wondering if I’m doing something obvious wrong.

I’m trying to set up a docker build, I have the following in my .buildkite/pipeline.yml:

  - name: ":docker: Build server"
        build: server
  - wait

  - name: ":node:"
    command: cd server && npm run test
      - docker-compose#v2.5.1:
          run: server


Sorry about the late reply to this one @bak!

I can’t see anything obviously wrong I’m afraid… Is there perhaps a rogue step defined somewhere else that’s breaking? i.e. does your pipeline setup on Buildkite look something like this?

(Where “New Step” at the top is actually a blank step without a command, that could cause the issue you’re seeing).

Or are you getting that error message from one of those Docker steps you’ve defined?