GitLab status reporting

It seems Buildkite currently only pushes the status of jobs to GitHub. The integration for GitLab seems to be missing that.
In principle this should be possible. While not similar to Per-Step GitHub Commit Statuses - Buildkite Blog, there exists a jenkins plugin that already implements reporting of the build status.

As we currently use Buildkite with GitLab it would be nice if this would be added.

Few months back, I spoke with Buildkite Team about this, Heck, I even caused that they updated GitLab Integration in GitLab’s Source Code. However, I discovered the same thing. Even with updated integration, Buildkite does not send build status back to the GitLab. GitLab just let Buildkite that there is a commit to be checked and that’s all. So, No Automatic PR Merging, No Status Badge.

All they said, they currently lack of enough attention on this integration because most of their customers are rely on GitHub and only small portions of them uses GitLab.

Hope one day they advance this integration. But I wouldn’t hold my breath If I were you.

Hey @Valkum – thanks for your feedback, it’s really helpful to know there are folks out there who want this. We did indeed have a blocker on GitLab when they changed the API, but that should be sorted now. When we last looked at improving this integration it was thought to require some engineering time. We will come back to it, and @juanitofatas has already referred this internally, but if anyone else is particularly needing or wanting this feature, voting on it would help it from getting lost in our backlog. :blue_heart: