🔔 let me know when my build is done


I know our longest builds take about 35 minutes, so I sometimes crudely set an alarm to check on it. However this doesn’t let me know when a build finishes (fails) much earlier, or if it takes a few minutes longer.

A simple but effective solution would be to have buildkite build tabs make a ding, and/or do a local notification when the build finishes. Ideally it would be easy to opt-in or out, only happen for tabs that are on a specific build (not branch/org). Perhaps the build page can have a non-persistent checkbox on it?

I think the notification would be much more useful for me, as I don’t always have my audio turned on.

Slack user notification

There is CCMenu (OSX) and CCTray (Windows) which can notify you when builds run/finish/error. Buildkite do have documentation on this integration if you want to give it a whirl.


Oh! this can be a use case for IFTTT Integration


So I’ve actually spiked this out a few times, but I’m afraid I kept getting stuck with some weird edge cases and it never managed to make it past that prototype phase.

Having said that…I think we can do better!

This is a thing we’ve been cooking up over the last year or so. It’s still very much in the pre-alpha stage. It current replicates the behaviour of the “My Builds” dropdown.

It even shows fancy notifications:

If you’re on OSX and you’re interested in giving it a go, I can add send you a private invite! (send me an email at keith@buildkite.com) (just promise you won’t tell anyone about it and keep it a secret :stuck_out_tongue:)

I might mark this topic as solved for now (since our current plan is to aim for an actual app instead of browser notifications) - but that could change again in the future!


Thanks @jacob for the suggestion, I’ve tried them before, but I’ve found their UI was clumsy, and they were way to noisy for what I was interested in.