Step return message

With our builds is there a way to return a message which is displayed in the run summary?

This would be some sort of console out maybe the last message from console?

Hey Michael!

Thanks for the message - hope you are well :+1:

Have you tried utilising annotations? Could definitely be used but itll be something that appears at the top of the build, not to the actual jobs (steps) themselves as youve shown in the picture.

You could potentially have the step labels in the annotations along with the return message: also potentially annotate them with a certain annotation style based on the outcome (i.e success/error style etc).

Hope that assists :+1:


This exact concept is discussed in a very similar forum post too - more around the case of the annotations at job level. There isn’t a set timeframe for this exactly yet, but the team is looking at ways to present this kind of functionality in due course.